30 Awesome Matte Paintings Of Futuristic Cities For Your Inspiration

None of us knows what will exist in the future. All we can do is to imagine the future. Here we are presenting a few beautiful imaginations of some talented designers who have imagined what our future cities may look like and actualized their imagination in the form of a beautiful matte painting. A matte painting is a painted representation of a background that does not exist in real life or is too costly to build or visit. Matte paintings are a vital part of filmmaking. In this showcase, we are featuring 30 Awesome Matte Paintings Of Futuristic Cities to inspire you.

So Let’s start with the show!

Futuristic Bodo  By SPyWorkz
Futuristic Bodo
The Future  By SchizoCheese
The Future
Futuristic City 3 Updated Background  By rich35211
Futuristic City 3 Updated Background
Downtown  By RichardDorran
Futuristic City 5 Full  By rich35211
Futuristic City 5 Full
Metropolis  By RichardDorran
Bridge City  By adamkuczek
Bridge City
Babylon  By TheArtofSaul
Futuristic City 4 Dual Desktop  By rich35211
Futuristic City 4 Dual Desktop
Neos City  By jordangrimmer
Neos City
City-Scape 2  By pk87
City-Scape 2
ACTMM Matte 6  By rich35211
ACTMM Matte 6
Epocholis  By JonasDeRo
Futuristic City 6 By Scott Richard  By rich35211
Futuristic City 6 By Scott Richard
Curvy City  By AndreeWallin
Curvy City
Cities Of The Future  By JonasDeRo
Cities Of The Future
Futuristic City 7 Dusk  By rich35211
Futuristic City 7 Dusk
Seven P.M.  By dustycrosley
Seven P.M.
Futuristic City  By TheMasterN1
Futuristic City
Earthscrapers  By Apostolon-IAM
Future City 1  By novaillusion
Future City 1
Hadley’s Hope – Alternative  By tigaer
Hadley's Hope - Alternative
Plaza  By TheUncannyKen
From Here I Can Almost See The Stars  By tigaer
From Here I Can Almost See The Stars
Big Sun City  By Grivetart
Big Sun City
Sci-Fi City  By nkabuto
Sci-Fi City
Hacker City  By e-mendoza
Hacker City
MEGACITY v.1  By angelitoon
Aquatic Slidewalk  By Samuel-Nordius
Aquatic Slidewalk
Metropolis  By ZuluSplitter