See how your favorite websites/apps will look with a different design concept. Many designers have their own vision and ideas for how popular websites like youtube, facebook, instagram, forbes etc should look. Designers love to experiment. Today we are showcasing 25 Interesting Redesign Concepts Of Famous Websites/Apps. Now, we leave the rest of the task to the users to decide which design is better, official or the concept. So go ahead and have a look!

Facebook Redesign  By Narayan Karthik

Facebook Redesign

YouTube Redesign Concept  By Roland Hidvegi

YouTube Redesign Concept

BBC Concept Redesign  By Baraa Bilal

BBC Concept Redesign

Twitter – Redesign of UI details  By Flavio Barros

Twitter - Redesign of UI details – Redesign  By Flavio Barros - Redesign

Gmail Material Redesign Concept  By Dávid Guba

Gmail Material Redesign Concept

Dribbble Profile Redesign  By Dmitriy Kharaberyush

Dribbble Profile Redesign

IMDB Home Page Redesign  By Jaroslav Getman

IMDB Home Page Redesign

Dribbble Material Redesign  By Panagiotis Efthymiou

Dribbble Material Redesign

Apple Store Redesign  By Amber Creative

Apple Store Redesign Redesign  By Mohamed Abdelghany Redesign

Last FM Redesign Concept  By Flavio Barros

Last FM Redesign Concept

TNW — Redesign  By Pavel Karpov

TNW — Redesign

Vkontakte Redesign Concept  By Senya Ars

Vkontakte Redesign Concept

Paypal Redesign  By Budi Tanrim

Paypal Redesign

Wikipedia Redesign  By Unity

Wikipedia Redesign

Google Play Store  By Oliur

Google Play Store

Instagram Concept  By Ramzi Shatara

Instagram Concept

Forbes Concept Redesign  By Ruslan Siiz

Forbes Concept Redesign

Ebay Redesign  By Tintins

Ebay Redesign

Google Drive Redesign  By Maurice Geßwein

Google Drive Redesign

WhatsApp – Material Design Concept  By Manoj Bhadana

WhatsApp - Material Design Concept

Apple Music Redesign Concept  By Tom Koszyk

Apple Music Redesign Concept