Here we have compiled 20 Amazing Dashboard Designs for your inspiration. Creating a dashboard design with easy usability is not an easy task to achieve. Dashboards have to accommodate a lot of data and stats. So the main challenge is to avoid clutter and let the user find information that they want without much efforts.

Dashboard UI Design  By Alexey Savitskiy

Dashboard UI Design

Carsive Admin Dashboard  By Ahmed Hasan Baky

Carsive Admin Dashboard

Dashboard Sponseasy  By Barthelemy Chalvet

Dashboard Sponseasy

Xonom  By Cosmin Capitanu


Jimmy Data: UI/UX Dashboard  By Naresh Kumar

Jimmy Data: UI/UX Dashboard

Some Analytics  By Cosmin Capitanu

Some Analytics

AthleteReadiness  By Ron Evgeniy


Dashboard Concept  By uixNinja

Dashboard Concept

Home Dashboard

Home Dashboard

Webapp Dashboard  By Ben Garratt

Webapp Dashboard

Health app  Baby Jakub Antalík

Health app

Vonigo – Dashboard  By UENO

Vonigo - Dashboard

Aspree  By Zulal Ahmad


Simplest V2  By Grégoire Vella

Simplest V2

Dashboard – ClickLanche  By Mark Sousa

Dashboard - ClickLanche

Weather Dashboard  By Studio—JQ

Weather Dashboard

iPad Dashboard  By Davide Pacilio

iPad Dashboard

Adterminal Dasboard  By Chris Griffith

Adterminal Dasboard

Task Management App Dashboard  By Ludmila Shevchenko

Task Management App Dashboard

Dashboard for Sports Performance  By Markos Evans

Dashboard for Sports Performance

Fast Food Company Dashboard  By Oncel Cebeci

Fast Food Company Dashboard