12+ Vintage Gin Labels (Free & Premium)

Have you ever wondered how to design a great vintage label? To get you kick-started we have compiled a selection of 12 vintage gin labels for you to edit, download and enjoy. We have picked vintage gin labels as they are a great source of inspiration while transcending the distillery’s unique recipe and heritage. To get started let’s dive into the history of vintage design, why it is still in and why labeling is important.

The Importance of Labeling

Prime labels and secondary labels are key when it comes to product marketing and packaging. Prime labels are the first thing customers see. These labels often have high-quality pictures and colors to enhance their appeal and grab customers’ attention. Secondary labels are supplemental. They are usually on the back of the product and contain important product information.

Whether you’re designing a primary or secondary label, the information they contain is crucial. This article takes a look at a few of the reasons why labeling on a product is important and what a product’s label should entail.

Vintage Design

For a few years, we are seeing trends from the past that are recreated and translated to the modern world of design, forming timeless pieces. Examples range from industrial, interior, and graphic design to social media and pop culture.

Companies, artists, and designers have embraced the vintage graphic design approach interpreting what is familiar and nostalgic through a new lens.

With a customized vintage label, you can showcase your brand’s unique personality via your packaging.

Why Is Vintage Style Still In?

Using vintage or retro typefaces in your design work has a number of benefits:

  • Vintage labels are cool because they take you back to a time when design was more about passion than marketing. There’s something about the way they were created that just oozes with personality.
  • It brings the feeling of homemade and familiar and people often choose it over modern designs when choosing drinks, books or other products.
  • It brings back nostalgic memories from old times. Who doesn’t feel good around vintage design?

Top 12 Vintage Gin Labels

To get inspired we have created a collection of 12 high-quality vintage gin templates that have been created by professional designers. You can edit and download them for free.

Berger Dry Gin

By Tobias Soul

Bombassa Dry Gin

By Tobias Soul

The Explorer Gin

By Felippe Cavalcanti


By H. Adam

Driftwood Gin

By Stefano

Moon Juice Gin

By Luke Ritchie

Morian Dry Gin

By Tobias Soul

Purple Camel Gin

By Felippe Cavalcanti

Dry Gin Small Batch

By Manuel de Lignières

Anchor Gin

By Tobias Soul

Twins Crab Gin Label

By Felippe Cavalcanti

Make Your Own Vintage Label

It’s crucial to remember that vintage designs are more than just swashes of color and bold lines. It includes textured elements and complicated forms that can give your design more depth and personality. Think about it holistically rather than as isolated parts.

Start creating your own vintage design label right in your browser today!

Bonus Resource

This Youtube tutorial neatly provides a step-by-step guide on how to create beautiful vintage gin labels.